Glasgow Chess Club – “Phones”

I play for a chess club called “Phones” in Glasgow, the West End of Glasgow to be precise.

New Glasgow Chess League season starting soon!

The new season kicks off since it is now September 2012 and people should be attending from hereon, so come along if you would like to play some chess in Glasgow.

Club address

Sikorski Polish club, 5 Parkgrove Terrace, Glasgow G3 7SD

(It’s near Kelvingrove Park – so coming via public transport in Glasgow – Take a subway to Kelvinhall or take a train to SECC Finnieston Google Map ).

We meet every Monday evening, Sept-June. Starts from 7.15pm.

Useful Links

  • I have put an ad for the club on this page with the details – Glasgow Chess club – Phones All welcome!
  • Our official Phones Chess Club page located here: However it is doing badly in Google for some reason, so hence why I made this page.
  • There are 2 other teams based in the West End of Glasgow like us – Glasgow Montrose who play at the Novotel hotel and Glasgow Polytechnic who confusingly play at Glasgow University in an old church hall. Both are friendly clubs like ours, so check them out too if you want to play some chess in Glasgow!

If you are not in or around the West End , all our clubs should still be easy to get to as we are all near a train station (for us Finnieston is best, for Montrose club Charing Cross and for Polytechnic the Partick Station or use Subway to Kelvingrove. ).

Chess Scotland website

If you want to find out ALL the Glasgow chess teams check out Chess Scotland website. They have info on chess tournaments in Glasgow and Scotland and also a list of all chess clubs in the country.

Glasgow chess clubs all play in the Glasgow Chess League, which has several divisions. We currently have a team in the First Division and would welcome players who wanted competitive matches in that team, but also players for any of our other teams too.

Get in touch & Facebook

Email me luke DOT barker AT gmail DOT com if you need any help or check out the chess in Glasgow Facebook page I run.

I am interested in starting up a Chess café in Glasgow as there are currently none, so get in touch if you are interested in that or even just in helping out!

Although I guess a lot of people play on the internet these days as it is so addictive and easy, it is of great value to play for a club or in a café as I think you learn new styles and also have the chance to play various time controls with usually people of similar strength. It can lead to playing for teams as well which is a different thing to playing as an individual and we as a club pride ourselves on the value of team chess.

Also you can have a lot of fun socialising and we have a nice bar courtesy of the kind folk of the Polish club who are alawyas welcoming to us . We thank them for that and their wonderful food too!

Good luck with your chess!

Luke, fianchetto admin.