(Web Design) our company’s new website launched

Hey as part of Infinite Eye I am proud to be able to link you to our company’s new website design this morning :-) huzzah!

A big-up to the fantastic open-source tools and community that we couldn’t have done without: we built the site using CakePHP, JQuery (and some invaluable 3rd party plugins), 960.gs, HTML 5 boilerplate and youtube for the video embeds, as it also sees us offering web video packages now for websites. (we have done them for a wee while but are more actively marketing this now as it is really a cool thing to offer on a contemporary website we feel ). Here is the new look on Craig’s ipad

ipad view of new website

if you check it out, make sure you post a comment on the blog, as we are intending to blog there often and foster that side of things, so I will hopefully post more here and there from now on. It’s been hard fitting in time to do a website we are proud of so we are glad to have reached this milestone, which also marks 10 years of Infinite Eye in the web design business. Here’s to the next ten!

Infinite Eye – we are a website company based in Glasgow, Scotland (we run the Hidden Glasgow community forum) and we do jobs throughout the UK. So get in touch if you want a website that feels fresh and works good, get in touch.